Approved Visa Services

Required documents to get Vietnam visa

At airport, to get Vietnam visa stamped on passport you need to bring:

- Passport (with validity at least 6 months and have 2 blank pages for visa stamped)

- 2 passport–size photos (4 x 6 cm).

- Copy of approval letter that we sent to you.

- Stamping fee, you pay directly in cash at the Immigration desk at airport:

* US$25 for single entry visa from 1 month to 3 months;

* US$50 for multiple entries visa from 1 month to 3 months.

* US$95 for multiple entries visa to 6 months.

* US$135 for 1-year multiple entries visa.

Russian travelers are exempted from this fee.

The fee is paid in cash directly to Immigration desk at Vietnam airport. Accepted currencies are Vietnam Dong and US Dollars.

- To save time at Vietnam airport, please download and fill in this form in advance. Photos and signatures are required.

At Vietnam Embassy, required documents and stamping fee are not disclosed and varied. You have to contact them in your particular case.

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